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Savvy Seniors


There has never been a better time to reach retirement age. Advances in medicine and nutrition have expanded Americans’ life expectancy to 78.5 years, which means that if you retire at 65, you should have many years to enjoy your retirement.

The businesses on the following pages offer options for a comfortable, safe place for seniors to live when staying in their own homes becomes too much to handle. Whether you are approaching this decision sooner or later, educating yourself now will help you manage a stress-free transition when that day arrives for you or your parents.

Green House at Calvary offers light in the darkness of Algheimeris and dementia


THE GREEN HOUSE AT CALVARY 7462 Old Moon Road Columbus • 706.507.2131 Greenhouse.CalvaryMinistries.com


THE GARDENS AT CALVARY 7595 Moon Road Columbus • 706.653.2000 thegardensatcalvary.com

Alzheimer s and dementia can be debilitating and heartbreaking. When someone’s memory begins to fade, it’s scary for both the elder and their family, but with excellent care and extreme attention to detail, the Green House at Calvary is a light in the darkness.

A faith-based facility in the Calvary Ministries community, the Green House is the only “Green House Project” facility in the state. Modeled after the more than 300 Green House facilities throughout the nation, managing director Debbie King says the Green House is a direct response to “nursing homes [being] too institutionalized.”

Adding that a major tenant of the Green House at Calvary is to “stay small,” which means a one-to-five staff-to-elder ratio (doubling the state required ratio of one-to-10), this results in a very personalized and welcoming environment for residents and their families.

King and the Green House at Calvary staff stand by the idea that, the better you can develop a relationship with the elders that live in your home, the happier they’re going to be and the better their care is going to be. They take that very seriously. The staffers at the Green House at Calvary are friendly, well trained and attentive to not only physical needs but emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Something else that sets The Green House at Calvary apart is the community-focused dining experience. The Green House at Calvary views food as more than just nourishment. They take careful steps to make sure each meal is both delicious and nutritious while allowing the elders to contribute recipes and be involved in the process. Meals are served at a large dining room table, and all visiting friends and family are invited to stay and eat.

There may be larger personal care homes in the state, but it’s impossible to replicate the crucial engagement and care that comes with the Green House at Calvary. King and her staff are following a proven model and adding their unique touch of love and attention. For more information about amenities and pricing, visit Greenhouse.CalvaryMinistries.com. The Gardens at Calvary offers faith-based community

From the moment you walk into The Gardens at Calvary, it just feels like home. While the list of fabulous amenities ranges from in-house church services to ice cream, Executive Director Laurie Smith asserts that, “our biggest asset is our folks.”

The “folks” truly make The Gardens a wonderful community where elders can not only enjoy themselves and take care of their physical needs but they can also feel comfortable addressing their spiritual needs. Because The Gardens is the only local assisted living community with a full-time chaplain, residents are able to find or strengthen their relationship with God in a Christ-like, loving environment with a weekly traditional church service and chaplain-led Bible studies and daily devotionals.

Walking through the extra-wide halls of The Gardens’ three-floor community, every person from staff to seniors is wearing a smile and have the same thing to say about what makes The Gardens great: the people. As a close-knit, Christ-centered community, The Gardens is dedicated to creating a place where seniors can freely express their faith, take care of their bodies and enjoy life.

While The Gardens is part of Calvary Ministries, more than 90 percent of the seniors living at The Gardens are not members of Calvary Baptist Church. Further, Smith reaffirmed that The Gardens is “a gift to the community,” rather than a luxury reserved for Church members only. From kindergarten to assisted living, Calvary Ministries has created an all-encompassing and Christ-driven community that gives people of all ages amazing opportunities to learn and spread the Word of God while nourishing their earthly bodies as well.

The Gardens at Calvary is not just an assisted living facility, but a community of people living life to the fullest. They offer privacy, independence, a vibrant social life and delicious meals, but the most important feature is the caring and attentive “folks” that make each day a good one. To learn more about The Gardens at Calvary, visit their website at TheGardensAtCalvary.com.

Secure & Loving Independence

At every stage of life, people deserve to live comfortably and with dignity. At Magnolia Manor Senior Living, the focus is on assuring the same high quality of life for seniors that they’ve had their entire lives. With eight campuses across Georgia, including one on Warm Springs Road in Columbus, residents and their families can rest easy knowing that there is a strong, regional network of professionals that are constantly working to ensure the best care possible.

As a faith-based facility, Magnolia Manor has a vested interest in the well-being of not just the minds and bodies of their residents but of their souls as well. A weekly Sunday worship service and several Bible studies and devotionals are available as a way to allow seniors to stay strong in their faith while still regularly attending services and studying the Word. Because they have the same passion for ministry and faith that many of their residents do, it creates a warm and welcoming environment for people for congregation and fellowship.

On top of being part of a strong, faith-based network, Magnolia Manor of Columbus has a boatload of fabulous amenities and activities that make it feel less like a facility and more like a community of friends who’ve become like family. Whether it’s bingo, nature walks, trivia or a day at the salon, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do. The aviary is another bonus that is uniquely Magnolia Manor, with resident Kathleen Westwood saying, “The aviary is one of my favorite places at Magnolia Manor. I enjoy my time bird watching.”


Resident Kathleen Westwood enjoys spending time with her feathered friends in the aviary.

While activities and amenities are exciting, they sure do work up an appetite. Luckily, the superior foodservice staff at Magnolia Manor of Columbus is dedicated to ensuring that residents are well-fed with delectable, nutritious meals. Whatever dietary restrictions, allergies, preferences or health needs arise, the food service staff is able to happily accommodate. Because eating is such a crucial aspect of life, there is no reason that meals should be bland, mass-produced and one-size-fits-all. Luckily, the friendly and dedicated staff does everything it can to make meals that each resident eagerly anticipates.

Where many senior living facilities may be focused on one area of care and assistance, Magnolia Manor offers three different care options ranging from assisted living to rehabilitative care to memory care. The three types of care are each for specific groups of seniors, and breaking the residents down into specific areas of care not only makes it easy for the staff to know who needs what types of assistance, it also acts as a way to guarantee that residents are getting careful attention that is tailored to their specific needs. Each type of care also has the backing of skilled nursing care if a resident requires medical intervention.

Assisted living is, according to Magnolia Manor, designed to “offer a home-like environment to help with the transition that comes with the aging process.” What this means is simply that things like cooking meals and housekeeping services will be handled by staff, giving residents the opportunity to be an individual and enjoy the many amenities and activities at Magnolia Manor.

When it comes to rehabilitative care, the focus is on respecting your loved ones and caring for them as they obtain healing and regain independence. The compassionate rehabilitation staff works with individuals with varying needs and their goal is always to provide quality care to all residents while respecting their dignity and fulfilling their individualized needs. This is a program centered on getting seniors recuperated, healthy and independent again.

For those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related issues, memory care offers a welcoming environment with around-the-clock care. Beyond simply promoting a feeling of safety, it is a kind and loving atmosphere that gives them a feeling of comfort and dignity. With comprehensive rehabilitative services and other specialized activities, the memory care wing at Magnolia Manor is top notch.

From individualized care to home-style meals to a strong network of medical and caretaking staff, Magnolia Manor of Columbus is an incomparable place to transition throughout your golden years. Whether you value an active community, a faith-based approach to care or the freedom to age with dignity, you can find what you’re looking for here. At Magnolia Manor of Columbus, it’s about life, and it’s about living.

For more information, visit their website at


Morningside Focuses on Quality of Life


MORNINGSIDE OF COLUMBUS 4500 South Stadium Dr. • Columbus • 706.561.5560 MorningsideOfColumbus.com

There are many assisted living choices in the area, but only one that follows the Lifestyle360 approach that focuses on intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In other words, Morningside of Columbus not only assists with living, they assist with thriving. From the exciting, occasional trip to the casino to the everyday freedom of going shopping, Morningside uses this unique approach to allow seniors to do everything they want to do and more.

Melissa Ryland, Morningside’s executive director, emphasizes the importance of individuality when it comes to senior care; saying, “We do an individualized service plan for all of our residents, for what they want. We are not going to dictate to you what time things happen. It’s all about choices.” And choices are in abundance at Morningside.

Dining in an assisted living facility can often be bland and repetitive, but Morningside and its parent company, Five Star Senior Living, realize the critical importance of a varied, flavorful and interesting menu. Each month focuses on the cuisine of a different country or culture and ties in with something that Morningside does called “Armchair Traveler” where a group of interested residents get together and focus on a particular culture or country.

Recently, Indian culture was on display and residents talked about what visiting India would be like, ate authentic Indian cuisine and discussed the many different cultures that exist there. With a focus on making sure residents stay both physically and mentally sharp, Morningside is adapting to a newer generation of elders that never say, “I’m too old for this.”

Moving into assisted living is never easy, and Morningside knows that, which is why they go to such great lengths to provide the highest level of resident-centered care possible. Ryland said it best: “You don’t want to leave your home, so it’s good to go to somewhere that feels like home.”

Thrive see's value in every resident life


THRIVE SENIOR LIVING 6896 River Road Columbus • 706.303.1784 ThriveAtGreenIsland.com

At Thrive, they took a hard look at traditional senior living, and decided there’s a better way to live. Much better. Most people see frailty and disability with low speeds, and high needs when they see gray hair. The team at Thrive sees much more. They see wisdom. They see laughter. They see ability. They see growth. They see potential. They see opportunity. They have built a company and a team of people who align on these beliefs

Thrive at Green Island, an assisted living and memory care community located just off River Road in North Columbus, will provide elders with the opportunity to build new and meaningful relationships, while engaging in activities that will enrich their daily lives. The community will feature 74 suites and is reminiscent of old Georgia charm with a modern chic twist—soaring ceilings in the restaurant and the lounge, a fitness center with the most advanced equipment and a beautiful salon and spa for pampering. Outside, residents will enjoy lovely courtyards and a walking trail.

“We started with a radical proposition: there is value in every resident’s life,” said Les Strech, president of Thrive Senior Living. “They have experiences and stories and challenges that make them unique, so why should they settle for an ordinary community? From the moment you walk in, you’ll have a built-in set of friends (officially, we call them team members) dedicated to your every need. We are really excited to bring this to Columbus.”

Thrive at Green Island is now accepting reservations and will be offering hardhat tours soon. Stop by its Welcome Center at 5156 River Rd, Ste J., to set one up. To learn more, visit ThriveAtGreenIsland.com or contact them at Hello@ThriveAtGreenIsland.com or 706-303-1784.

Thrive Senior Living designs, develops and operates innovative independent living, assisted living and memory care communities across the country. Headquartered in Atlanta, Thrive operates communities in Texas, Florida, South Carolina,Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and the DC metro area.

Come to live here.

McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory: Live Well, Plan Ahead


MCMULLEN FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORY 3874 Gentian Blvd. Columbus • 706.569.8015 McMullenFuneralHome.com

DID YOU KNOW? Most people don’t think about the death of a loved one until the time it occurs, then, when they are stressed and grieving, they need this information. Although mom and dad may have made arrangement decisions years ago, times change, situations change and finances change. Your arrangements can change as well. Regardless of what firm currently carries a pre-arrangement plan, you have the option of allowing McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory to handle your needs. They provide full credit for the other company’s plan and you will lose no benefits. Not only do you have flexibility, you also lock in current rates. In Georgia, pre-arrangements are funded through an insurance company. Like an insurance policy, it is accepted by all funeral homes. Best of all, when the time arises to use your plan you will be paying at today’s cost. Should the type of arrangements change, that too can be accommodated. For instance, if your plan called for burial but your loved one’s will requests cremation the new needs will be met. If there is a difference in the price, you will receive a refund.

A FUNERAL HOME’S LONGEVITY AND OWNERSHIP ARE IMPORTANT In your time of need, an established, respected funeral home like McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory brings personal pride, a focus on family, knowledge of local customs and an investment in the community. McMullen has been in business for more than 30 years. While much has changed, the family’s emphasis on community, family and service is steadfast. Columbus native James McMullen, his son Allen and the family opened McMullen Mortuary in 1987 in downtown Columbus. In 1996, a new 18,000 square foot facility opened at 3874 Gentian Boulevard. The facility includes a spacious chapel, viewing rooms, a family lounge and separate crematorium. James McMullen, who died in 2015, served thousands of families in the community. Son Allen carries on the family tradition and beliefs: “Our life is friends caring for friends every day, all the time, not just in times of need.” McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory is a true part of Columbus answering to the community and giving back by supporting local schools and sporting events.

CREMATION IS THE DIRECTION OF THE FUTURE The population’s mobility and changes in mindset are fueling an increase in demand for cremation. McMullen led the way in Columbus, becoming the first to offer an on-site crematory. Their service provides peace of mind since the loved one never leaves McMullen’s custody. Professionals oversee and control every aspect of the process. Families are invited to inspect the facility and may be present during the process in a viewing and witnessing room. The state-of-the-art equipment, operated by knowledgeable, licensed professionals is immaculately maintained and meets the Cremation Code of Ethics. In addition, the on-site cremation reduces the price while offering the same services and standard of care. If you have questions, the caring dedicated family and staff at McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory are available with answers. Call 706.569.5015, visit at them on line at McMullenFuneralHome.com.

Brookside Glen focuses on quality

of life for those with memory loss


BROOKSIDE GLEN 400 Bradley Park Drive • Columbus 706.322.3040 • BrooksideGlenal.com

“When Brookside Glen first opened its doors in the mid-1980s, it was an independent living facility. Residents took care of most of their personal needs. Today it’s the Columbus area’s only all memory care assisted living” says Kim Williams, the facility’s executive director. Columbus is fortunate in that regard since, according to national research, memory care is the fastest growing segment of senior care in the country. National statistics support that claim.

Today there are approximately 5.4 million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. That figure includes one in eight older Americans and the number is expected to more than double in the next 40 years. The number of memory-loss patients may be even greater since Alzheimer’s accounts for only 60 to 70 percent of all cases of dementia. Other causes of dementia include vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Frontotemporal dementia (formerly known as Pick’s disease). These figures clearly point to a greatly increased need for facilities such as Brookside Glen.

“Our facility offers more than just assisted living services in a residential setting,” says Williams. “We help residents stay safe in any kind of emergency and in most cases we can keep residents until the end of life” she adds. Brookside Glen works closely with the area’s providers of hospice services. The relationship between Brookside Glen and hospice service allows resident to “…age in place,” says Williams.

Being the area’s only all memory care assisted living ...“allows us to take care of residents with all forms of dementia who may not be able to get out of the facility on their own in case of emergency. It also allows us to totally supervise their medication administration. There are no missed doses.” The staff at Brookside Glen has the training and certification to accommodate residents in the early, middle and late stages of dementia.

“We consider a major target audience, other than our residents, to be the adult child or spouse who is looking for a very safe and secure environment in which to place mom, dad, husband, wife or other loved one,” says Williams. “Our residents are here and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” Residents also receive three nutritious meals a day, three nutritious snacks and the benefits of a hydration program.

The challenges of taking care of the Columbus area’s seniors with memory loss issues are many. The staff at Brookside Glen is trained and certified to offer this unique professional service. Specialized memory care can reduce the number of visits to the emergency room, reduce incidents involving violent behavior, increase independence and social interaction, as well as increase happiness as residents are functioning at a higher level. Brookside Glen’s professionals also work with residents’ families to help them better understand the nature of memory-loss illnesses and involve family members as much as possible in the care of their loved ones. According to an official of A Place for Mom, an organization devoted to helping family members find suitable memory-loss care for their loved ones, helping caregivers and all those affected by memory-loss disease better understand the reasons for dementia sufferer’s problem behaviors and, thereby, how to effectively deal with those behaviors, is what’s important. The key to successful care-giving is not to focus on the losses of the disease, but rather on the individual’s remaining capabilities. The quality of care residents receive at Brookside Glen helps families and their loves ones make better choices to improve quality of life.

“The thing that sets us apart from other memory care facilities,” says Williams, “is that we are relatively small and our services are more personalized. Our common areas look more like home and we have more intimate relationships with our residents.”

Brookside Glen, located in a pastoral setting at the intersection of River Road and Bradley Park Drive, can accommodate 30-32 residents, depending on whether they choose a private or companion room option. Residents can enjoy the facility’s amenities including a beauty salon, sitting on the sun porch with friends, playing cards and taking advantage of exercise classes, taking leisurely strolls in the manicured gardens and working on a favorite craft in the elegant living room. Add the presence of Bentley, the resident dog, and Sally, the resident cat, and Brookside Glen really does seem like home.

No ‘one at size fits all ’ approach to care at Savannah Grand



8301 Franciscan Woods Dr, • Columbus • 706.623.2777 SLM.net/Senior-Living/GA/Columbus/Savannah-Grand-of-Columbus

Savannah Grand of Columbus is an active senior living community that believes each resident should be treated as an individual. Executive Director Robin Raben describes Savannah Grand as a diverse community focused on quality, individualized care and attention. They go to great lengths to ensure that each resident social, physical and spiritual needs are met. Robin raved about the quality of care, saying, “Our services are individualized so we cater to the needs of our residents and meet them where they are.” She added that , “We look at the resident as a whole person,” underscoring the powerful current of support and sincerity that flows throughout the community.

It is apparent when you walk in the door at Savannah Grand that you have entered a warm and welcoming community. The residents enjoy an array of programs ranging from Chair Zumba, the use of a pool table, a walking club and even a gardening club. Special to Savannah Grand is that if you are not into being active and social you have the option to cozy up with a book in the library area or catch a movie in the theater room.

Savannah Grand of Columbus is setting itself apart from other assisted living communities in the area. While every community can boast an impressive list of amenities and features, none can compete with the diversity and quality services at Savannah Grand! Robin invites you to come visit so that you can experience the difference!

MAGNOLIA MANOR 2040 Warm Springs Rd. Columbus • 706.324.0387 MagnoliaManor.com

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